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[Jul. 12th, 2006|10:00 pm]
the handsome sausage

lucky cat!

i drew the lucky cat because i was excited today to find out that i'll be printing shirts at the denver post underground music showcase. i'll actually be printing in the bar...it should be interesting. i think it's totally doable, and i hope to make some cash...i figured out (shirts not included) that the post will make back it's investement after about 20 shirts, after that i'd be getting all the profits. crazy. i have a feeling we can do that, no problem, since there is supposed to be more than 500 people there, and the shirts will only be 10 bucks.

another awesome thing...i'm going to montana for a week on friday. we have a cabin up there, so i'll be driving with my mom to take my granny up there, then driving home with my mom, and leaving my granny there forever. or at least till my sister brings her back. it's confusing. i'll write postcards to people if you send me your address....maybe..assuming i can afford postcards. otherwise you'll just get a letter.

anyway, i have been redrawing the worms guys this evening, getting it ready to go on some screens. i'm really excited about this...i think it will be cool, and it will be a good way to get some publicity for the handsome sausage.