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[Jul. 6th, 2006|08:03 pm]
the handsome sausage

i'm excited because i just printed custom text using a cut stencil and my water based inks....i'm just super super excited because all the pros were saying it wouldn't work, and that i should buy a heat transfer system (note: expensive) and quit using water based inks. i'd take a picture, but my sister took the camera. anyway, more on this awesome development later....i'm going to see if it will work with moveable type. BLIZOWWWWW!

P.S., i forgot to tell you what this means to the designs, and why i want to do it... well, i am working on the breakdancer tee shirt, and i was trying to figure out how to print custom names on the front of the shirt, like all the breakers had back in the late 70's and early 80's...

i didn't want to use the iron ons that they used, because they would not only peel, but they also just wouldn't fit with the rest of my printing. also, now i can print all those awesome text-only shirts that i have had people saying they wanted, without having to get a screen burned with just the text.