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[Jul. 5th, 2006|09:56 pm]
the handsome sausage

this one isn't as well done as usual. but the point gets across, i suppose.

anyway, today i worked on getting a list of what i need to get done, and getting a start on it. according to my list, i have between 6 and 9 designs in the works, plus one that is coming from damara (the destroyer) and possible a couple others from other artists. adding even 6 multi color designs kind of lessens my desire to have around 30 different designs, so most likely i'm going to drop between 6 and 10 of my single color designs from the site. i haven't decided if that means i'll reuse the screens or just library them for the future....who knows. thinking of the number of new screens i need to buy is scary.

other than that, i woke up late this morning because the dang power went out. well, it didn't go out, it went more....dim. the lights were not really working, but they were slightly glowing, and i tried to turn the tv on (i was still waking up, and for some reason i thought i'd check the time on the tv, since all the clocks were out...stupid) but the tv kept making wierd clicking noises, so i unplugged it.

other than that, i worked out, that was nice. i took two showers today, that was nice.

last night i watched half of dick tracy. that movie is pretty good visually, but it's pretty cheesy. i think it's about time they redo it and take it a little more seriously, but less than the new batman. so basically, as far as cheese goes, it should be like this: the newest batman<spiderman<the dick tracy movie they should make<xmen<the awful batman with george clooney< 3 dev adam (if you know that last one...you know why it is listed as the cheesyest) anyway, i have been thinking a lot about all my friends out in NY recently, so if you are reading this, contact me and tell me what you are up to.

[User Picture]From: blakeley
2006-07-06 01:29 pm (UTC)
that image is really sad
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