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[Jul. 3rd, 2006|09:35 pm]
the handsome sausage

today i tried to work lots on my jesus image. i got a lot done, but it still isn't done. i also had about a million distractions.

i went to the post office and the library too. that was nice, except it was wet out, so my bike got my butt all wet. gross.

last night i went to a show at le crunk. supposedly that was the last one. sad. hopefully joel gets on the booking thing and keeps the bands coming. also, i got to see joels room, which is a murder dungeon, except not really. it was actually pretty big, and if he follows through on half the plans he has, it'll look awesome.

i have the house all to myself...everyone thinks it's creepy to be the only one there...i think it's fine. i just sleep there and watch movies.

tomorrow is the fourth of july. it's kind of funny...the supposed strict restrictions on fireworks is just making everyone light off fireworks early...its been almost a week now that people have been lighting them off all evening. pretty stupid. not the people lighting them off, that's fine, just the idea that they are going to be cracking down. stupid. WOW! someone just lit off something that sounded like a mini cannon. it was a definite BOOM sound. awesome.