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[Jul. 2nd, 2006|12:15 am]
the handsome sausage

i was telling joel about these instruments i have been dreaming about. i have had several dreams recently where i was playing music..but i was telling him that because i know nothing about music, my brain had invented all these ways to do it. the first one was a simple wooden and peg board.

i would make several thin boards with pegs, so when i needed a chord, i would just push the board that would play the chord i needed. second, i had invented a drumming device that worked pretty similar to a music box.

the handle gets rotated, which rotates a drum that has flat metal pieces embedded in it. the metal pieces push down on the back of the drum stick, which is on a spring loaded fulcrum. when it is pressed, it raises up then slams back down onto the drum surface. like a music box, i could control number of hits at any time, and depending on how fast i turn the crank, the beat would go faster.

lastly, i dreamed i had made a giant...organ type thing. it was made of about 10 of these units:

each tape had a different loop on it. all of the boom boxes were set to the same loudness inside their buckets, and i would control the notes by covering and uncovering the holes on the side.

i tried making a loop tape today, based on some instructions i found on wikibooks. they were wrong...maybe it depends on the type of tape. anyway, i ended up making my own loop that worked, but it had a blank spot where i taped it. i don't know. oh, here is how making the tape went:

anyway, other than that, i worked on my press, sanded stuff and made the registration guides. everything fits together, but i need to adjust some of the distances to get things to work better. i am really happy with how things are coming though....to take the press i bought in the condition it was, and a month later it is almost functional. i'm really thankful ele welded the arms as quickly and well as he did, they work great. yay.